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Flowers and Plants That'll Add Color to Your Yard
These flowers and plants are just what your flower beds need to liven up your yard!
By: Joyleah Odom
April 16, 2018

The snow will not leave us alone! Spring showers were to be expected, but spring snow showers just seem plain wrong. Nevertheless, keep that spring in your step with the knowledge that the picturesque view of what April is supposed to look like will come. Eventually. In the meantime, why not imagine what you want your yard to look like this year. For 2018, try to add a pop of color to your yard with an array of these lively plants and flowers.

If this plant appears familiar, it could be because this is a popular plant among gardeners, hence, it’s used often. This plant offers beautiful lush foliage with shades of green ranging from a creamy white to a dark green that borders on blue. The flower colors could be a white to a lavender. What it lacks for in exuberance, it makes up for it in its low maintenance. This perennial plant can last up to two years, making it a great choice of plant for beginner gardeners. Place this plant along borders and any spots in your yard or garden that might look unpleasant.

Height: 6in-36in.


Blue Star
This plant will definitely draw appraising attention with its strong blue tones. The flowers on this plant themselves are not the biggest, but they clump together to form a fleecy cluster. Not only is this plant easy to care for, but it’s also subtle enough to be used in most gardens or yards. Also, they attract butterflies!

Height: 24in-36in

Blanket Flower
A perfect addition to your yard or garden are these colorful flowers. Their vibrant petals are rimmed in a yellowish orange then bleeds to a bright red. While most are perennial, there are some that are annual that you can grow from the seed (Gaillardia pulchella).

Blue Star & Blanket Flowers

The benefits of these richly colored flowers are that they are butterfly magnets, and they are super low maintenance. The only tending you might have to do is deadheading to increase their lifespan.

Height: 1-3ft

Cool weather is the perfect time to plant pansies. These smaller flowers do not grow as tall as some. For this reason, they would look perfect in window boxes or aligning a perimeter. Just be aware that they are not meant to last through the summer months.

Height: 4-8in

Width: 8-12in

These flowers will certainly bring a lively pop of color that your yard or garden needs! Their petals come in a variety of colors that span from bright gold, yellow, orange, and crimson. This annual flower can handle the rays of the sun and is a well-known beginner flower that you can be sure to have fun planting with your kids. The best time to plant this flower is in the spring when snow and frost are gone (though who knows when that will be for us this year in Ohio). Typically they are not prone to attract insects, but they can become susceptible to diseases if their soil is too soggy.

Height: 6in-2ft


Gardeners from everywhere can agree that these are, by far, the easiest flowers to grow. Not to mention that they come in a massive array of colors. There is also no need for constant upkeep or worry about disease. With sunlight and water, these flowers will sprout up to a beautiful bloom. An added bonus to this flower would be that they flourish in hot and sunny temperatures. Therefore, on those sunny days, you have no reason to be concerned about the petals shriveling up.

Height: 6in-14in

The only thing you need to be aware of for this flower is that you need to support them from strong winds, and plant them in an area where they’ll receive plenty of sunlight. These annual flowers are perfect for anyone who wants a more cheerful looking yard without the hassle of diligently taking care of them. They can handle all soils (poor soil as well) and droughts. Its bowl-shaped petals come in many colors: pink, orange, yellow, white, and maroon. Since these flowers can get tall and have the ability to self-seed, you might want to seriously think about planting them in an isolated section for whatever style you want your lawn to appear. Style these plants in gardens, flower pots, flower beds, or you can cut them for beautiful vase displays.

Height: 12in-48in

Your yard will positively glow with the addition of these annual flowers. You can find these in every color except blue, and they’re not difficult to find in nurseries and in supercenters. They will have a continual lovely bloom throughout the season and require maintenance such as deadheading and watering. Though they are easily grown, the best soil to plant them in are the ones rich in organic matter, and fertilizing throughout the season will also help their plentiful bloom.

Height: 6in-12in