Landscape Design in Mansfield, OH

Serving the Mansfield Ohio and Central Ohio areas. We have more than 15 years of experience turning outdoor living spaces into paradises. Every property is different as we work closely with our customers to bring them a custom landscape design in Mansfield, OH. Whether it be a total remodel like removing bushes and old material/yard waste, or just freshening up the place with mulch and new flowers. Oasis Lawn Care & Snow Removal takes care of just about every outdoor need. From paver patios to yard clean-ups.

Installing Mulch

Installing mulch once a year helps maintain a healthy landscape by protecting your plants with warmth and moisture they need throughout the Ohio climates. Keeping mulch in your flower beds can help protect weeds from growing and the soil from eroding. We like to install all mulch at 2 inches deep using a weed preventer underneath to insure your flower beds stay weed free all season long.

Mulch Install, Landscape Design, Mansfield, OH

Bush Trimming

When it comes to trimming bushes Oasis Lawn Care & Snow Removal are the best around. Maintaining a nice shaped bush year- round ensuring a healthy landscape. From trimming small shrubs to big bushes we’ve got you covered. 

Bush Trimming, Landscape Design, Mansfield, OH

Mowers, Landscape Design, Mansfield, OH

Monthly Maintenance

Oasis Lawn Care & Snow Removal provides all year-round maintenance packages keeping your property worry free. Some of these packages include maintaining the flower beds, trimming the bushes and keeping your property debris free.

Landscape Edging

Edging is a great way to hold materials like gravel and hard woods in your flower beds, giving you clean lines around your property.  

Landscape Edging, Landscape Design, Mansfield, OH

Landscape Design

Our team at Oasis Lawn Care & Snow Removal prides itself on creating beautiful landscapes. We work closely with our customers listening to their needs and wants tailoring a project of their dreams. Have one of our team members create your own Oasis today!

Landscape Design Concept